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Arnold & Franco at Muscle Beach Venice

The world of bodybuilding has been intertwined with Muscle Beach in Venice, California, since its explosion of popularity with  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famed film “Pumping Iron.”  Of course, the California State governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be a regular amongst the many famous bodybuilders and actors who trained there over the years and he still makes an occasional appearance.

Muscle Beach Venice is one of the most historic and most famous bodybuilding locations in the world to date! You will find the most famous and celebrated actors, fitness celebrities, professional body builders frequenting the Muscle Beach Venice right along side ammeter BodyBuilders, fitness enthusiasts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider & Joe Wheatley

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider & Joe Wheatley

No where in the world can you enjoy working out in the famous ‘Muscle Beach Pit’ (the area where the bodybuilding and work-out equipment is located under the California Beach skies actually on the edge of the sand of the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Venice California.  It’s an experience every fitness enthusiast, bodybuilder or bodybuilding enthusiast must experience!