Campus Tour Options

Gaining Information on Colleges through Visits

Campus tours are the best way to match a student to a college. Potential students need to visualize themselves attending the college, so seeing various aspects of a college is extremely important. Additionally, personal questions regarding the colleges can be asked during most visits.

Individual College Visits

Every college in the United States will provide college tours to potential students. This opportunity requires that the student make the arrangements with the college and usually receive a prepackaged version. Aspects of the tours are virtually the same; however, students may venture off on their own to investigate the college once the tour has concluded. Students can contact the admission office at the interested college and request information on setting up a campus tour.

Multiple Campus Tour Programs

In order to assist families to investigate many potential colleges in the most efficient manner, campus tour programs have emerged. Similar to vacation tours, campus tour programs design an experience for students to visit multiple colleges, including transportation, meals, and lodging.

These types of tours include campuses with a common theme, usually pertaining to geographic location. One example is CE Tours-College Tours. This program operates a college tour in five distinct areas: Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, California, and Historically Black Colleges. This program will also design a specific college tour for the needs of schools or other groups. Other examples include College Campus Tours, College-Visits, Campus Tours and Black Excel’s Black College Tours.

Virtual Campus Tours

Students CampusFor students and families with limited financial resources, the internet can be a great avenue to exploring colleges. With the use of digital cameras, video editing, and video streaming, colleges are venturing on the internet to promote their schools. Students can easily load a video or panoramic picture to visualize the college and get a more realistic picture of the school.

One website,, offers multiple aspects of colleges via videos. Most colleges on their site have the following types of videos: The Crowd, The Setting, Academics, The Food, Admissions, Intro, The Scene, and Shelter. Each of these sections include a minute video detailing the subject and then a grade is awarded for that college’s aspect. These videos are real and unbiased, and at times crude. Another site for virutal tours is Ecampus tours.

Campus tours are the best way to get a feeling of the college environment and what it can offer students. This information can assist the student to realize if the college offer the aspects needed or wanted by the student, as colleges differ greatly from one another. This experience is a necessary factor for college-bound students and weighs greatly to narrowing college choices.