College Visits Can be Fun in Pittsburgh PA

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Plan Family Trip to Tour Colleges & Universities in Pittsburgh

Parents who start the process early in their teen’s high school career can reduce the stress and have their teen begin to have a sense of what different colleges and universities have to offer academically, socially and culturally.
Most metropolitan areas have several colleges and universities of varying size, diverse student cultures, academic fortes and tuition. Although these colleges and universities are all in an urban environment, the exercise can be a good preparation for college visits for the final choices.

Pittsburgh’s Colleges and Universities

Pittsburgh has 6 colleges and universities within the city limits ranging from the state-related, coeducational University of Pittsburgh with 32,000+ students to Chatham College for Women, a private, liberal arts, women’s college with less than 1000 undergraduates.
The following colleges and universities are in the heart of the city of Pittsburgh, either in the downtown financial district, or the academic enclave known as Oakland:

  • Carlow University – a small, private, Catholic, women-centered university founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1929 with well-regarded majors in nursing, education and creative writing. It is home to the International Poetry Forum and the Women’s Creative Writing Center.
  • Carnegie Mellon University – a private university well-known for its excellence in computer science, robotics, visual arts and theater was founded in 1900 by industrialist Andrew Carnegie and was known as Carnegie Institute of Technology from 1912-1967.
  • Chatham University – founded in 1869 as the Pennsylvania Female College is a small, private, liberal arts university which includes 1000 undergraduate women at the Chatham College for Women. Noted alumna is Rachel Carson author of Silent Spring.
  • Duquesne University – a private, coeducational, Catholic university founded in 1878 by the Order of the Holy Spirit with 5900 undergraduates boasts one of two pharmacy majors in the city as well as a strong music and education majors and a law school.
  • Point Park University – an independent, coeducational, liberal arts university of 3600 students with strong dance, theater, and communications majors. It is home to the Pittsburgh Playhouse Theatre.
  • University of Pittsburgh – a state-related university with 32,000+ undergraduate students, excells in engineering, pharmacy, pre-med, creative writing and education with well-regarded graduate programs in law, medicine, and creative writing.

All are within the city limits and easily accessible by public transportation. This high concentration of students in a relatively condensed area adds to the dynamic life of the city and provides students with many social and cultural opportunities…and it makes Pittsburgh an interesting place for the family to visit.

Plan a Trip to Visit Colleges in Pittsburgh

Start the college search process early with your teen and create a family vacation, a day trip or weekend getaway. Because of the number and variety of colleges and universities in the city of Pittsburgh, it’s a great place to explore.
In addition to the colleges there are other places to explore in Pittsburgh…The Carnegie Museum of Art, Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, Andy Warhol Museum,The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Ballet, Pittsburgh Opera, Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts, The Benedum Center,The Pittsburgh Public Theatre, the Duquesne Incline, PNC Park, and Heinz Field are just a few.
Pittsburgh is located in the state of Pennsylvania in northeastern United States. Pittsburgh International Airport is about 20 minutes out of the city which is also serviced by Amtrak trains. It is a walkable city with good public transportation.