Tips for A College Application

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Getting A College Application Noticed

The college application process begins in earnest each fall with seniors eager to leave home and enjoy the college life. The process ends in January as those students collapse after writing the third college application essay and sending in 54 college scholarship applications. Taking time to organize college applications can make the process more streamlined and less stressful.

Use Online College Applications

Start by opting for online college applications when possible. Printable college applications can get lost, smudged, or sent in late, but with online college applications the process is much easier. Create a document with your username and password for each college where you are applying and then email yourself a copy of the document in case of computer failure. Use this list to update how far you are on each application but remember that most online college application systems will keep track of the information for you.

Create a Concrete Personal Statement for College Applications

Think through your personal statement for college applications. Though the wording may vary, the majority of schools will ask for a personal statement on their applications. The statement should reflect who you are and where you plan to go. Avoid vague language explaining the excellent student you have been. Instead focus on more narrow statements. “As high school student, I’ve excelled in biology, and I plan to use my talent in that area to pursue a pre-medical course.”

Write Powerful College Application Essays

Outline your college application essays. Despite the topic, most college application essays are really asking for a basic piece of information. Can you convey your thoughts in a coherent and provocative way? Provocative for college application essays, where somebody can write my essay cheap doesn’t mean controversial. Instead leave the admissions committee members a reason to remember your essay because it made them think of something differently or express a sincerity that touched them. The committee members are reading thousands of college application essays, and you want yours to stand out.

Impress With Answers to Unique Questions Asked on College Applications

Some schools add flavor to their college application process by adding in interesting questions.

  • “What would you do if you were visiting Mexico and encountered a hungry child with no shoes?”
  • “What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened at a family gathering?”
  • “What exotic animal would you like for a pet and why?”

The answers to these unique questions asked on college applications aren’t nearly as important as your ability to provide answers that show you can think outside the parameters of the typical college application essays. These unique questions asked on college applications are the time you should let your personality shine. Are you funny? Humanistic? Intellectual? Show the committee members why you as an individual would make a good addition to their student body.

Complete College Scholarship Applications

Getting into college doesn’t mean the applying is over for most students. Putting your name in the running through various college scholarship applications will get you the money you need to avoid student loans. Ask about scholarship programs early and apply to as many as you can using the same techniques you used to complete your college applications. A few Saturdays spent now working on college scholarship applications can mean far more freedom in four years when you aren’t facing debt when you graduate.